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Publié : 26 mars 2018
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Bend it like Beckham !

Depuis janvier 2018, les élèves de 4eA et de 4eC travaillent activement en cours d’anglais sur le film "Bend it Like Beckham" de Gurinder Chadha.

C’est l’occasion pour eux de travailler différents points grammaticaux de la langue anglaise (les deux prétérits, le comparatif de supériorité, la proposition infinitive, etc) mais aussi des aspects culturels importants (l’immigration indienne en Angleterre ; la place des filles dans le sport ; le regard porté sur l’homosexualité ; le dépassement de soi et aller au bout de ses rêves). Certains élèves ont souhaité vous faire part de leur ressenti sur le film. Voici un témoignage d’une élève qui souhaite rester anonyme !!!

I wanted to tell you that I loved the film (Bend it like Beckham) because it shows that , in this life , you should not give up. You have to believe in your dreams even if your family is against. It is your life and it gave me a lesson for my own life.

Let me talk about me now , I love singing and I want to be a singer. Even if at the begining. That’s gonna be hard , I really want to be a singer. So now I want to work hard at school and on music to show them (my family). I can do the both. Because they want me to study , I want it too , but I want to work on music. If the see that I have good school reports , I think they will let me do both.

In Bend it like Beckham the moment that shows we shouldn’t give up , is when she stopped playing football. Because Jess was helping her family for her sister’s wedding day , that took place at the same time as the match. While nobody was expecting that Jess came to the match. Jesminder’s dad saw that she was sad and decided to let her play the match that they won at the end.

Un autre élève, anonyme lui aussi, nous livre son avis. In english please !

I think this movie is really beautiful because I personally love Indian movies. I find Indian culture very interesting and it’s why I love this movie. But there is one thing which surprised me, it’s how Joe danced. Maybe it was like that people were dancing in 2002.

In this movie there is a true life lesson because at the end of the movie, Jess’s dad said that he did not fight to continue cricket and give up. It’s why he encourages and pushes his daughter for her to continue her dream. He’s right because in life you must fight to arrive at the top because it’s at the summit that you have an overview.

I think too it’s necessary to have some maturity to watch this beautiful movie. I had already watched it before at home but it was fun to watch it again. It’s really a good job, I want tjo congratulate Mrs Chadha.